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Change + New Beginnings

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Hi there, for our first entry, I thought... well ya know... I might as well take some time to introduce myself and share how Cream City Concierge came to be. First things first, my name is Jessica Bursi and I am THRILLED to be starting my own business. It has been a radiant and transformative experience only occasionally fraught with anxiety (ha + true!).

I know this past year has been really really hard for pretty much everyone. We have all been impacted in some way by COVID-19 - by the disease itself and or the changing economic and societal shifts. How Cream City Concierge came to be is a story of change and new beginnings that I'm lucky to share with you.

Way back yonder...

Instilled by my beloved ma, my first love was motion pictures - storytelling, the sounds, the images, the feels. Professionally, that set me on a 15+ year career in the motion picture industry - first in production and then nonprofit management and fundraising. I very much enjoyed my time working with a variety of people and projects over those valuable years.

Spoiler alert...

It is sadly not a wonderful time to be in the film industry, which led to my first real career turning point in nearly two decades when my position was eliminated at a great Milwaukee film institution, but what a good run?!

Discovery + rediscovery...

The transition was not without its silver linings - offering me a rare opportunity to make a change in my personal & professional life; to revisit those things that interest and inspire me most; to reprioritize my own values and goals; and to try something new. I dug in deeply and realized how much I enjoy:

  • organization and building plans and checklists (and checking things off the list!);

  • making things beautiful - at home, in powerpoints, on websites, the list goes on and on and on (maybe this beauty seeker is my Taurus moon for those astrology fans out there?!);

  • connecting with other people, sharing stories, and providing & receiving comfort;

  • learning new things (gosh, I forgot how much I missed this!),

  • and so much more...

Many moons later (one Taurus moon among them :), I was on a course to consolidate these skills and passions into one unique boutique operation called... you guessed it...

New Beginnings...

I am so joyful and just a little jittery to present Cream City Concierge and to offer up my skills to a world of friends - new and old. If you're in need of organization, project management, resume beautification, research, etc - call your girlfriend (I mean contact me)!

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